Monday, January 31, 2011

Chapter 1... Again

So I have not gotten nearly as far as I would have hoped with this whole revision process. After much deliberation I decided to completely rewrite chapter 1 and take out all of the boring background information. In media res was my new motto. Sadly, it means that I have to take out a small story line that lasted three chapters, but I am up to the task.
Trying to get the beginning right is hopefully the hardest thing I will do. I like the direction the new writing is heading in, more foreshadowing, more characterization, etc; however, I don't like that it just doesn't seem right. (Not the word I was trying to convey but it's difficult to express how I feel about it.) I am taking tonight off from life and sitting myself down in front of the computer. I'm hoping this will get me moving in the direction I need to go so I don't go another month and a half without a post.