Thursday, May 2, 2013

Forward Progress

Since my declaration of who I am I have been working diligently on my rewrite of my rewrite. Well, I started a little before that but, you know, I really have been setting some time to actually work on it instead of just writing when I have the time. I'll tell you what that really makes a difference. It helps keep the flow and I don't have to think quite as hard to figure out where I'm going. And when my brain is so tired after working all day it really is a great thing, not having to think much.

Setting aside this time has also allowed me to actually move forward in my story line. Instead of just doing a couple paragraphs here and there I've written two entire chapters. Considering I'm doing a complete overhaul I'm pretty impressed with what I'm doing. (Sometimes you need to toot your own horn.) Plus, I was able to salvage a part from the original that I really like that I didn't know where I would put it in this draft. Woot!

I finally joined a critique group as well. First meeting for me is a week from Saturday. Some other writerly people in my life are already members and enjoy the feedback they receive from other people. Surprisingly, I'm not all that nervous for what the others have to say. I think I have really turned a switch in my brain as just the thought of showing people my work would send me into a panic attack. If I ever publish people are going to read it best to start with someone I trust.

Until my meeting it's writing, writing, and more writing for me. Hopefully I'll be able to continue my forward progress and nothing but.