Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaNoWriMo and Beyond

So last year I didn't update at all during NaNo and that's because I was trying desperately to come up with something that I could string together for 50k words. I was able to put down 50k at the very last minute, but there was nothing together about it. It wound up being a bunch of scenes about the same characters that had a tiny little portion of things in common. Thus the label on my drive of, Do Not Open Ever Again.

This year, I don't think that I'll struggle to get to 50k. However, I am struggling to get to my plot. I bored my way through 15,000 words of minor happenings and background(ish) information to finally come up with a plot. So I know things are going to happen and there will be a general story arc if/when this thing is ever completed. I just wish I had come up with said plot line earlier. Then I wouldn't have to try and lead every single string back to one point.

I guess that is what writing is all about though, isn't it? Learning and perfecting the craft. I do figure that what I have finally come up with will make for an interesting story. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to pick it back up and do something with it. But I have plans, big plans.

I'll be taking the month of December off but come January I'm hitting the revisions hard on my MS that I've been toying around on. I will be finished with said revision by my birthday in March. Then, I will finally send it out to the beta readers I have met this past month. And then, with a few more revisions, I WILL submit for representation next year. I have learned a lot about not putting things off recently and I'm tired of waiting for something to happen to me. I'm going to make it happen myself.

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