Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chapter 1

So I have finally gotten moving on my revision process and it is hard! Not only have I struggled to find time to do it with Christmas coming and putting my office together, but I haven't quite gotten back into the rhythm. It took me two weeks just to revise Chapter 1. I'm not fully satisfied with it and there are a few things that will probably need to be tweaked as I move forward.

This pass, I should probably tell you, is mostly about fleshing out the character, setting, plot, etc. I was actually pretty surprised that there weren't as many plot holes as I had originally thought. That made me very happy. This revision is going to be tough however, because I really need to put a lot into this. I have a feeling that it may take me quite a bit longer than I thought to do this. I have to enforce my deadline so that I can scratch at least one thing off my "Things to do before" list (it used to be things to do before I'm 30, but that has come and gone way too quickly for my liking).

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