Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holy Beans It's Been a Long Time!

So many times I have been sitting around thinking about posting on here. Then, like normal, I see something shiny and away I go, never taking the time to follow through.

I find it funny that the line above was sitting in a draft from 1/29/13. At that point it had been six months since my last post and now I'm up to 10. If only I could tell you everything that has happened in the last almost year. However, I value your time and know that you probably don't want to know quite that much about me. So how about some highlights? I found out I don't have a genetic heart condition, Hubby Fantastic and I bought our first house, we spent a week in Ireland, adopted a new dog, and I got a new job. It's been a busy year for us!

And, in one of the most exciting happenings, I solved a nagging plot point in my WIP! It was a tough little nut to crack and it is central to the entire storyline. I just wrote around it forever (it's been almost 4 years since I started this baby) and was never able to end the story. I'm not kidding when I say this was an essential part. It was the motivation for the antagonist! A very central point to story writing, in my humble opinion. So thanks to some reading, a lot of television, and a random conversation with a friend and the idea smacked me in the face. I felt like it was something I shoud have known all along. It just made perfect sense.

Of course, it came to me about a half an hour before I had to be somewhere. I sat down at my computer and I typed as fast as my little fingers would go, just so I could get it all down before I left. Needless to say I was a little late to my date. Oh well, the things writers and friends of writers sacrifice right? I still get chills when I read what I wrote that day. It just all makes sense. I love it!

Sadly, said plot point requires the death of a character. A fairly important secondary charcter to be specific. And we all know what that means. Total re-write. That's what I'm doing. Slowly. And painfully. I have no idea how authors kill characters in series. I can't even write one out without immense guilt and sadness. Keeping her just doesn't make sense and would totally demolish my antagonists reason for antagonizing. With her alive there is no story.

So that's where I am in life and writing. Hopefully, I'll get my new office together soon so I can have back a dedicated space to write. Which means more words and more posts!

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  1. Doh! You're gonna go all George R.R. Martin on a character and kill it? You are one cool cucumber sir! Best of luck to you in your writing.