Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Am A Writer

I spent the weekend at my first convention. I know, I know, I'm really behind the times. While it was mainly a sci-fi event there was a small writing track. I spent the majority of my time bouncing from one panel to another listening, gathering ideas, and taking in some advice. And somewhere along the line I realized something very important about the way they all talked about their lives. First and foremost they were authors. A couple of them had day jobs but that came secondary to their writing.

So many times we, in general, allow ourselves to be defined by the work that we do instead of our passion or dreams. For some people they are doing what they love but others, like me, not so much. If you had asked me prior to this weekend what I do I would have told you I'm an administrative assistant who likes to write, take pictures, and bake. I need to change my focus. My job does not define who I am. My job pays the bills until my writing affords me the luxury of staying home. And I'm hoping that comes sooner rather than later. I think a mental shift in my attitude towards my writing will help immensely.

There's so many times that I have been too tired to write or too irritated with work stuff that I bring home. My novel was something that I worked on when I got around to it or when I just needed a break from real life. I have let my not so great job rule a lot of aspects of my life and that needs to stop. And it stops now. I can't get to where I want to be if I'm not able to get on the right track. So from here on out I'm not longer an admin who likes to write. I am a writer who has moonlights (daylights?) as an admin.

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