Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Looming Deadline

So I've been rolling merrily along working on my revisions when I get a chance but not putting in a whole lot of effort. (Shame on me) I figured I would really dig in after all the wedding festivies for my friend. I have until the end of June to get it done. No big rush, right? WRONG!! The deadline is June 1 not 30. Talk about a freak out! Once I regained composure I set out a schedule and as long as I stick to it I should be done by May 28.

I spent an hour last night typing up some stuff that I had hand written and tonight I'm shooting for 2 hours of work. I'm hoping to have everything that's hand written already done by Saturday. That will put me a little over halfway, and back in the writing mindset. I should be able to whip out the ending in no time. That is if there are no major changes to my plot.

I do have some research to do before that... I'm not really sure hbow to kill a demon and that's essential to the climax. And I'm hoping the knowledge will help me figure out a way to write a fight scene, as that is definitely not my strongg point.


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