Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Revision or Rewrite?

I'm fully aware that this is supposed to be my journey of novel revision and so on but a random thought struck me as I was doing my hour writing session today at work. Cam it really be called revision if I'm basically writing each chapter as I go using what I wrote during NaNo as a guide?

Any author you talk to (or read blogs of) will tell you that it takes several revisions to get a finished product. Understandable. Right now I'm faced with the feeling that I'm just now writing my first draft working off an outline. There is so much cjaracter development and scene fleshing going on right now that its feeling like I'm writing this for the first time. A lot of things have changed in this first pass and I'm liking the direction that they are taking. My characters feel more real and their lives are becoming more realistic. Which is definitely a good thing. The more like people they become the more fun I'm having writing them. The last couple days of work have beem hard to cut off when I have to go back to my job.

I'm really glad I didn't allow anyone to read what I had "finished" at the end of November because they probably wouldn't recognize it after this pass is done. From here on out I'm considering my work now as my first draft and will keep trucking on!

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