Monday, March 15, 2010

This Is Mutiny!

So there has been a revolt. I was thinking (just thinking, no writing. My stuff was toi far away and I felt awful) about where my story was heading. You see my main male character (MMC for future reference) has decided there was not enough conflict in my writing. So Andrew has decided that he isn't going to like Vic, my female main character (FMC). And if that wasn't causing enough stress on my revision Andrew's girlfriend (soon to be ex) has decided she is not as dumb as I originally planned for her to be! This is not fair!

I've never been a fan of Kaitlyn (the ex/girlfriend) since the beginning. (And yes, it is very possible to hate your own creations) and I've been tempted to just write her out. She's is having none of that. Instead she decides that she is going to realize there is something different about Vic and threatens to expose her. Stupid Kaitlyn! I tried to tell her that I can't deal with her drama. I have enough on my hands with Andrew but do either of them listen? Of course not.

Oh and Marcus, the instigator of the climax, decided 2 chapters weren't enough for him so he showed up about 10 chapters before he was supposed to be here. I tried to tell him that he'll get his chance in the sequel but he's not having it.

Mutiny I tell you. Mutiny!

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