Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Will Get Back on Track

It has been a hectic couple of days. Spend all day shopping on Sunday (which was not planned), big sis's birthday on Monday (it was excellent), then an unplanned family thing yesterday. Three days gone, and as Nancy felt the need to mention only 69 days left til I need to be done. AHHHHHH!!!

Ok I feel better now. And after today I am back to work. I'm almost done with the book I started the other day so I'm going to start working on my revision at lunch. It's going to be a pain to hand write and then re-type but it seems to be the best way for me to get work done. It will probably take twice as much time so hopefully I'll get motivated to work at home. It just gets so difficult to get up off the couch (where my tush is comfortably resting right now) and do something productive. Why not be comfortable and write? you may ask. Well I will answer with a simple "because I tend to be a lazy piece of [fill in your favorite description here] when I'm on the couch." Productive stuff must be done at the desk which is currently covered in papers and nonsense that has nothing to do with my writing. So the desk need to gets cleaned off as well. This really is starting to sound like excuse after excuse. So no more excuses!

Tomorrow is a new day and it will be a new beginning for me! I will work HARD, I will work WELL, and I WILL get this done. By my deadline.

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