Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Steps Forward

And one giant step back.

I had the house to myself yesterday so I had plenty of time and no distractions to work. So I plugged in my flash drive, opened up a couple of documents, and got to typing. Knowing the propensity for me to lose documents (especially the important ones) I saved as often as I could remember, which gets a little difficult when I'm in a zone. So there I was cruising along fairly happy with the out put when out of nowhere...


I was one VERY unhappy camper. But I thought I had saved fairly recently so I wouldn't have lost much of what I was working on. And was I ever wrong. I apparently hadn't saved in at least an hour. Time flies when you're flowing well, I guess. So thanks to that random blue screen I lost about a third of what I had written. Today I was too discouraged to work on it again. I'll try picking it up tomorrow after the proper mourning period has passed.

On the plus side, it did seem to be just a random blue screen. I ran a virus scan and, two hours later, came up empty. The hubs ran another one just to be safe and that came up clean too. All I can blame this hiccup on is the fact that my computer is going to be 5 this summer. I know they don't last forever but I just need this one to get me through revision 1. So please give a little thought to my poor baby and hopefully he'll last me as long as he is needed!

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  1. That totallly sucks!!!!

    As of today you have "69" days left!!! Lol... 69...